About Us

   The Kenyon United Methodist Church, like its parent churches, is made up of Methodists and Evangelical United Brethren congregations now worshipping under one roof.  Both denominations in Kenyon have an illustrious history. 

The Methodist Church in Kenyon Minnesota was organized in 187.  In a small cabin with a sawdust covered floor and rude benches for pews, the Rev. G.W. Richardson of the Minnesota Conference preached to a small band of worshippers of the Methodist faith.  Rev. Richardson was their first resident minister.  For a few years following his departure the services were conducted by a minister from the Hadar Circuit and Later by a minster of the Faribault circuit.  

In 1896 Rev. L.S. Stapf was appointed to the Old East Prairie Church which is the parent of a number of Kenyon Churches.  He chose to live in Kenyon so that his family might have better school privileges.  

He soon began to hold services in the village of Kenyon and while the exact date of organization, the records show that number of church officers were elected in 1898.  The first services were held at the Koberstein home in other village churches and for 16 years the Spirit grew with undying fervor even though they did not have their own building.

Presently the Congregation worships in the EUB church and continues to serve and is filled with the Spirit.